Sunday, May 6, 2012


Two of my fellow TC's taught IDance today. The lessons were both great and really showed me how technology can be incorporated into the classroom effectively. The first lesson used both the actual dance pads as well as ones that were not connected to the screen. I thought that this served two good purposes: in a school setting some students would not want their scores displayed on the screen, and also the cost of the mats were far less than the actual IDance mats. I really liked how both TC used intertask variation and incorporated challenge by choice, allowing their students to level up or down if they felt they would be more proficient on the level. During the lesson Eric had a "seizure" and Mr. Stern had to deal with the issue. I thought that he did a great job of addressing the situation and comforting Eric. The only thing that I would have advised him to do was to call 911 as all medical emergencies should be dealt with, with great care. Also I thought that the styles of teaching were very effective for the Unit. Mr. Stern used a Command style and the student responded very well to it. He gave out instructions and the students would follow what he said and learn through playing the game. I will always be a great supporter of technology in the classroom, and I will continue to expose myself to new technology that one day I can use in my own classroom. 

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