Saturday, March 24, 2012

Including Physical Education in Regents Scores

As a member of the physical education profession, I find that it is extremely important that physical education be valued just as strongly as all other subjects. It detracts from our devotion and professionalism if we teach a class that is thought not to count, above just passing the class. Many professionals feel that it is important to include these scores in a report card. You may ask, "what results would be shown?" Well as far as NYS learning standard 1A it would be that members of the senior class were competent in 6 skills and proficient in 3. This means as physical educators we need to teach more than just striking sports and throwing and catching. This may present a challenge, but it is a challenge we must undertake for the good of our students. As far as NYS learning standard 1B. Student will be able to create a life-long fitness plan and follow this by their senior year. This is important because often times physical education programs fail to focus on life after high-school. It is important to note that although during high school games such as football and baseball may be popular, after high school very few people continue to play these at a competitive level. We must move way from these and begin to teach more non-traditional sports such as tennis or golf. There are also many other sports that originate from various countries around the world, that we as physical educators must find the time to incorporate into our curriculum and take the opportunity to teach through the physical rather than just the physical. In my Effective teaching methods class (255) I have learned a lot about non-traditional games. I will be teaching Hantis again for Lab D and I will be sure to teach through the physical and make the best use of my time. I value my ability to make changes in the way that physical education is taught and will do my best ot become the best physical educator I can be.

Here is the link to the Shape of the Nation. The results really show the need for quality physical education:

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St. Mary's Run for the Stars 5k and Fun Run

St. Mary's will be putting on 5k and fun run. I will be attending this event as it is a good opportunity for me to showcase my physical fitness and cardiovascular endurance. I think that as physical education majors we need to be involved with as many activities and events on and off campus. This event will provide me with interaction with many different students and teachers of St. Mary's school. This is an excellent opportunity for me to network with other teachers and possible other physical educators. I also think that in the physical education profession it is important that we learn the organizational skills necessary to set up events such as this 5k. Attending this race will provide me with the opportunity to meet with those people who did organize the event and learn how to do so effectively. I will post the link below for those of you who want more information. The race is free for runner and 5$ for non-runners. Registration is on the day of the race, March 31st.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Ever wondered what we can do as physical educators to mix up what we are doing with our students? How to effectively overcome budget cuts? Provide our students with fun activities that promote movement and many skills concepts? Well I propose to you FRISBEE. The possibilities are endless with frisbees. Today in 255 we played a game of ultimate frisbee, modified with on throws over half court for safety. This was great as everyone was moving around and being active. It also focused on hand eye coordination, and strategy. It is important that students play new games, and have fun while doing them. Keep in mind frisbee can also be used as a good warm up. You can have your students jog around in a circular fashion and pass the frisbee between them and their partner. You can have students stand back to back handing the frisbee off to the side, under their legs, and over their head. Often times as physical educators we overlook these simple ideas. We need to become aware of all the different ways we can teach our students new skills. Lab D is coming up and the preparation is going to begin. I will be teaching Hantis and hope to progress the students even further. Everyone Keep up the good work! Lets go Cortland PE.

National AAHPERD conference.

Unfortunately due to power outage in Boston, MA, many of the scheduled events were cancelled. This did not deter me and some of my fellow dedicated physical educations majors from getting the most out of the conference. Although I was unable to attend any sessions I was able to attend a few socials. This provided me with a great opportunity to network with many other physical educators. I met a group of teachers who taught down in South Carolina near the Myrtle Beach area. They shared with me how it was at little different in that the weather stays warmer a little bit longer and they are able to have their students outsides on fields and grass for a longer period of time. I also asked them what types of games they love to do with their students that are no traditional. I found out that in many of their classes they play a game of ground polo. This is done without the use of horses but the concepts and tactics are similar. They also told me that they have started to do a Bocce ball unit with their students. I think that as physical educators we need to think outside the box. We need to be thinking of ways that we can move away from the traditional sports and incorporate new movement skills. I also met with a teacher who was from Florida. I talked with her about challenges that she has been presented with. She made mention to the fact that many cuts have been made to the physical education program and that it has really been a struggle to provide students with equipment. I told her about some of the great activities I learned in 255 with the frisbee and jumprope. She loved the ideas and ensured me that students would be trying them in her class. Overall an eye-opening experience. I learned that it is important to be flexible and be able to adapt to changes. This is something that I will take with me into my career.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Physical Education: constant learning

Over the break I have been able to spend my time working with an indoor youth soccer team. Over the summer I coach a soccer team for middle school aged students, and really enjoy it. I think that being able to work with this indoor team has improved my abilities to adjust and formulate as a coach, since the perimeters and age is different. I am currently enrolled in PED 414 at SUNY Cortland which is a soccer coaching clinic. I have applied many concepts learned in this course towards how I coach these children. I have most certainly noticed rapid changes in the way that I work with the kids and how I run practices and manage games. I think that as a Physical Education major, I constantly learn and progress towards the type of teacher, and coach that I want to be. I am also looking forward to the National AAHPERD conference when I return to school. I have previously only attended a NYS conference and can't wait to see Physical Education on a wider scale. I think that these conferences really provide future and current physical educators with the opportunity to see great examples of teaching and be exposed to new products and games. Last year I learned a newly emerging game called Rigoball. It incorporates some aspects of baseball but tweaks it so that everyone is far more involved and that students are no longer standing around. I will be sure to post a video so that everyone can see how much fun it really can be!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lab C Shinty: A new experience

I was exposed to a new game called Shinty. Shinty is an international game that is often played in Scotland and across England. The game is similar in concept aside from a few differences. In shinty the player can play the ball in the air and they also may play the ball with both sides of the stick. Also in shinty the stick may be used to block as well as tackle. The teacher candidates who taught last class did a great job of teaching through the physical. I really liked the flag of england that was used as part of the warm up. I thought that the teachers not only did a great job of providing the students with education through the physical, they did it in a manner that was not limiting to the game and did not slow down the teaching. I also though that as a group they did a great job with their cues and visual aids. I think as teachers it is important to display to our students what we want from them as well as good examples of correct play. I think that although movies are not in order small video clips may really help you to convey to your students what you are saying. I will be sure to post pictures of some good visual aids and small video clips that are good examples of what can be shown in class.

Lab C Omnikin Ball

Today my fellow teacher candidates taught the game of Omnikin. This is a great game that can be played at all ages if modifications are made. I think that often times teachers of younger students, those younger than 4th grade, overlook a good opportunity to teach basics of games and introduce new sports and games. I think that although it is obvious that students at a kindergarden level will not be able to handle a full out game of Kin ball they can work on some basic motor skills and some object control skills, with a larger object such as a Kin ball. I also was greatly surprised at the amount of activity that was achieved during the lessons of Kin ball. When playing Kin ball it uses a muscular component as well as as the cardiovascular component. I also liked the way that some of the teacher candidates incorporated some education through the physical, which is greatly important in our profession. I thought that there were many lessons and great facts that could have been incorporated about where the game developed and facts about international activities. It is important that we take advantage of any opportunities that are presented to us and make them into a teachable moment. I know from attending conferences that there are brief classes and sessions that will teach you effective methods using the Kin ball, as well as proper inflation and storage. I recommend that all of my fellow teachers look into using Kin balls and start creating lesson plans that can be used in all different grade levels. Please take a look at the videos below of both my fellow teacher candidates teaching and also a video of professionals playing the game.