Hantis: A Revolutionary Game

Hantis Lab C
In class I taught my lab C. I taught Hantis at a fourth grade level. I really think that this newly emerging game could be a big thing in physical education classrooms. It uses a good deal of object control skills, while still incorporating activity and strategy. For those of you who have never heard of the game, it is a mixture between ping-pong, and foursquare, where you can hit the ball only with your hand, and are allowed two hits. The game is played with four people at a time but the rotation is very quick, as with foursquare. This allows for many students to be active and also get a rest in between games. I have been working directly with the "Crators"of Hantis in creating lesson plans and progressions. They are very interested in getting this game out there in the PE world and I am working with them so that teachers will be able to effectively implement it in a classroom setting. I am really excited to be part of this new game and I will be sure to keep everyone on here updated on how it is progressing. I also want to commend my fellow teacher candidates as they did a great job teaching at the 8th and 12th grade level. I think that this game is very inclusive in that the concepts and some of the skills can be taught to pretty much every grade. I think that it is important to realize that full game play, while often very fun cannot always be used first. Skills must be taught and refinements must be made. Often times even after getting into games, you may need to revisit the skills and refine them. I will post a video that the "crators" send to me and will also give the link to more Hantis info. I will also include some pictures of me teaching and keep everyone updated!

Video Hantis Lab C

Hantis Lab D
As you all know I taught hantis for my Lab C and everyone, including myself, had a great time doing it, so I chose to teach some new skills for my lab D. I started by thinking about what I should teach considering many of the students were already sound in the fundamentals. I talked with the Hantis "Crators" and they told me about the importance of movement and dribbling, so i decided that this is what I would cover. When I first started planning for my lab D I was unsure about how I was going to incorporate the concept of Asthma into the lesson. I finally thought about the idea of showing the struggle of having asthma, through physical activity. I thought that I would first bring about the issue of hypo-kinetic asthma, which is asthma that is caused by inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle. I also planned on having students simulate the struggle of asthma throughout the lesson, but it didn't work out quite as planned. The lab also took a lot of careful planning as I needed to put in a facilities request form, and put in an equipment form for the materials that I needed. This really opened my eyes to how important planning and organization is when you are a teacher. Also I implemented technology into my lesson so I had to reserve a projector. Along with this planning I spent a great deal of time designing and creating visual aids that would be used during the lesson.
When I arrived at the classroom I was very excited to teach my lesson. All of the students were excited to play the game again and learn all of the skills. The set up was a little different from the first time that I taught because I was working on having the students move around, and the tables needed more space between them. I started the lesson out with an introduction and we were off to hantis from there. During my lesson, an issue arose that I had to deal with. One of the students "broke" their arm and it was a compound fracture. I immediately stopped the class and had someone call 911. I then had someone go out into the hallway and wait for the paramedics. The class was restless so I had two of the more advanced students showcase their skills while I dealt with the issue at hand. The only thing that I wish that I had done differently was to actually treat the injury myself. There was a first aid kit that I could have used to keep the arm form moving and preventing further injury.
I thought that the students had really come a long way from the first time I taught the lesson so I allowed for a lot of gameplay. I really felt much more comfortable directing the class and making the transitions. The last time that I taught I was nervous but now I am confident and can direct a classroom on my own.
I have truly seen a huge improvement from the beginning of the year and even from lab C. I really have worked toward creating more effective lessons the captivate the students. I also feel that I am able to take game that I do not know fully, learn them, and then be able to teach them effectively to the class. My time in 255 has truly benefited me, and I am happy with the changes I have made. I think that in teaching, professional development and change is never ending. It is important to practice, get feedback, reflect, and truly make yourself a better teacher. This can be done by doing just some of the things that we do in 255; video recording or conferences. I have developed so much as a physical educator and am looking forward to progressing in my profession. I will post some pictures and a video of my teaching so stay tuned!

Heres the Video of me Teaching:

Hantis Bulletin Board

Check out the forms from my Lab D:
Time Coding Form
Verbal Transcript
C-12 Form
Lab D packet
Letter to Superintendent
Board Meeting Presentation

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