Monday, May 7, 2012

Volunteer Hours

As you have seen over the course of the semester, I am very active in many clubs and extracurricular activities. I have spent countless hours working with APEM, which is the majors club here at SUNY cortland. We put on events including Splash-for-a-Cause, Field day, Relay for life, and Festivus. Field day was a great experience due to the nature of the event. We taught other physical education majors as well as other students on campus how to play many different lifetime activities. Festivus was a great opportunity to work one on one with children form the community. I volunteered for both APEM and RHA. I got to work with kids who played many different activities including kanjam, ladderball, and a giant bounce house. The children were very excited to be able to just move around and engage in many different games. I was able to observe and aid the students in basic locomotor movement and many different manipulative activities. I also throughout the semester have gone to events including St. Mary's 5k, YMCA 5k spring run, YMCA Tween nights, and volunteered at the J.M McDonald complex. If you would like to see some of the post please reference my previous blog posts that include pictures and more information.

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Relay For Life

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Hello Everyone,
Although my 255 class is over, my blogging most certainly is not. I will continue to post and keep everyone up to date as to what I am doing over the break to professionally develop myself. I want to let you know that I am working with the Hantis "Crators" in developing a presentation for the NYS AHPERD conference. I also hope to present at the National AAHPERD conference as well. Hopefully this all works out. I will create a new Hantis page for everyone. Keep checking back in for updates!


Two of my fellow TC's taught IDance today. The lessons were both great and really showed me how technology can be incorporated into the classroom effectively. The first lesson used both the actual dance pads as well as ones that were not connected to the screen. I thought that this served two good purposes: in a school setting some students would not want their scores displayed on the screen, and also the cost of the mats were far less than the actual IDance mats. I really liked how both TC used intertask variation and incorporated challenge by choice, allowing their students to level up or down if they felt they would be more proficient on the level. During the lesson Eric had a "seizure" and Mr. Stern had to deal with the issue. I thought that he did a great job of addressing the situation and comforting Eric. The only thing that I would have advised him to do was to call 911 as all medical emergencies should be dealt with, with great care. Also I thought that the styles of teaching were very effective for the Unit. Mr. Stern used a Command style and the student responded very well to it. He gave out instructions and the students would follow what he said and learn through playing the game. I will always be a great supporter of technology in the classroom, and I will continue to expose myself to new technology that one day I can use in my own classroom. 

Monday, April 30, 2012

YMCA Tween Night

This previous saturday I was lucky enough to be able to volunteer for a Tween night at the cortland YMCA. It was truly a great experience. Although I wasn't able to stay for the entire time I got a lot of interaction time with the kids as well as some valued observation time. As teachers it is important to be able not only to stand in front of the class and instruct the students, but also to be able to observe them. I got to see the variability in developmental level of students who were ages 11-13 mostly. It is truly amazing to see how fast many of the students have progressed from just a few years prior. I was also very interested in seeing how the personnel managed the facilities and kept everything running smoothly. Although at times some of the kids got a little rambunctious, the facilities were constantly monitored and everything ran according to plan. The gym space was used to get the kids active and moving around, which I found really great. Also many small sided activities were set up for the children. I really just enjoyed how active the kids were , and how a program as simple as this can really make such a large impact. I hope to aid in organizing events such as this throughout my future career. I was unable to obtain any photos of the actual kids as it was not allowed, but I will attach some pictures of the YMCA itself and the rock-climbing facilties that they have, which are amazing.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lab D: HANTIS all the way!

As you all know I taught hantis for my Lab C and everyone, including myself, had a great time doing it, so I chose to teach some new skills for my lab D. I started by thinking about what I should teach considering many of the students were already sound in the fundamentals. I talked with the Hantis "Crators" and they told me about the importance of movement and dribbling, so i decided that this is what I would cover. When I first started planning for my lab D I was unsure about how I was going to incorporate the concept of Asthma into the lesson. I finally thought about the idea of showing the struggle of having asthma, through physical activity. I thought that I would first bring about the issue of hypo-kinetic asthma, which is asthma that is caused by inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle. I also planned on having students simulate the struggle of asthma throughout the lesson, but it didn't work out quite as planned. The lab also took a lot of careful planning as I needed to put in a facilities request form, and put in an equipment form for the materials that I needed. This really opened my eyes to how important planning and organization is when you are a teacher. Also I implemented technology into my lesson so I had to reserve a projector. Along with this planning I spent a great deal of time designing and creating visual aids that would be used during the lesson.
When I arrived at the classroom I was very excited to teach my lesson. All of the students were excited to play the game again and learn all of the skills. The set up was a little different from the first time that I taught because I was working on having the students move around, and the tables needed more space between them. I started the lesson out with an introduction and we were off to hantis from there. During my lesson, an issue arose that I had to deal with. One of the students "broke" their arm and it was a compound fracture. I immediately stopped the class and had someone call 911. I then had someone go out into the hallway and wait for the paramedics. The class was restless so I had two of the more advanced students showcase their skills while I dealt with the issue at hand. The only thing that I wish that I had done differently was to actually treat the injury myself. There was a first aid kit that I could have used to keep the arm form moving and preventing further injury.
I thought that the students had really come a long way from the first time I taught the lesson so I allowed for a lot of gameplay. I really felt much more comfortable directing the class and making the transitions. The last time that I taught I was nervous but now I am confident and can direct a classroom on my own.
I have truly seen a huge improvement from the beginning of the year and even from lab C. I really have worked toward creating more effective lessons the captivate the students. I also feel that I am able to take game that I do not know fully, learn them, and then be able to teach them effectively to the class. My time in 255 has truly benefited me, and I am happy with the changes I have made. I think that in teaching, professional development and change is never ending. It is important to practice, get feedback, reflect, and truly make yourself a better teacher. This can be done by doing just some of the things that we do in 255; video recording or conferences. I have developed so much as a physical educator and am looking forward to progressing in my profession. I will post some pictures and a video of my teaching so stay tuned!
Check out my Hantis Tab for even more Info!

Heres the Video of me Teaching:

Time Coding Form
Verbal Transcript

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Splash For-A-Cause

On Saturday APEM put on an event called Splash for-a-cause. The event raised money for the Golisano Children’s Hospital in NYC. The principle behind the fundraiser was that people would obtain sponsors who would donate a certain amount per lap swam. This is a great way to encourage physical activity while also raising money for a good cause. I want to thank all of those members of APEM as well as the members of the swim team who took time out of their busy schedules to swim for a great cause. As a future educator this is directly relevant. I am honored to say that I was part of the organization and implementation of this event. I will keep everyone updated on how much money we actually raised as soon as I know. Remember it is important to always contribute and teach through the physical. Keep up the great work Cortland!

YMCA 5k Spring Run

Today I was able to go to the Cortland YMCA and help out with a 5k. This was a great opportunity because, like the St. Mary's 5k I got to see the levels of structure and organization that go into an event like this. It is important that we note, as future and present educators we need to be providing our students with opportunities to be physically active outside of class. I think that creating events such as a 5k or even a fun run type of event is very helpful in this regard. I also see the value for 5k's for adults as well. As physical educators we need to be pushing for lifelong fitness goals. 5k's are very motivational for some adults and truly shows how active they are staying. I think that while teaching ever educator should take the time to create his or her own event, as well as helping out at many events that are already in place. I will attach a picture of the advertisement as well as some pictures from the actual race later on. Thanks for looking!