Friday, January 27, 2012

Effective Lessons

Both Professor Yang and the TA's have done a great job of showing me and my fellow classmates how to create effective lessons. I learned today the an effective hook can be a useful tool in drawing the students attention on what you are teaching them. Also it is important that as teachers we always get the students active immediately. Physical education classes are not nearly as long as they should be therefore we must make proper use of all the time so that students can be as physically active and learn as much as possible. This can also work to our advantage as it will warm students up so that we can do stretches and move right into our lesson. Cassie who is one of the TA's gave me some great pointers on how to create a good hook and I will be looking forward to implementing this hook into my lesson next class. Furthermore I will continue to strive to become a better physical educator. I think that it is great that as teacher candidates that we have so many great resources here at Cortland. I think it is also important to notice professors Yang's attention to voice volume and inflection. He himself who does a great job leading by example, shows all the students how important it is to be loud so that all students can hear the instructions and also so that you don't have to waste their time by calling them in. All in all great work and a great learning environment. Great Job 255.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In the previous 255 class my fellow teacher candidates engaged in a few various activities with frisbees. We started moving and throwing, getting warmed up immediately upon the class starting. This allowed for us to get warmed up before we stretched. For stretches we did a bunch of different Yoga poses that incorporated various muscle groups, including those which we would use later in the class. We then moved into throwing the frisbee. The teacher aids did a great job of helping those who were having trouble, by demonstrating correct form and technique. We then moved into a frisbee game that got us moving around in order to score points. This was fairly challenging but became even more-so when the TA's were defending our passes. Overall great lessons and a great way to get everyone physically active and thinking.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Today I discovered how active you can be with very limited equipment. Using frisbees me and a partner perfected our throwing and catching. It is important to be able to throw in different ways so that when a defender is incorporated, you can have success throwing it. It is also important once a defender is added that you move around in space a lot. It serves to be beneficial if you throw in some fakes and jukes.
Also a great tool for not only relaxing but also for muscular strength and flexibility; Yoga. Yoga incorporates much more than the average person may see. Many of the poses use a great deal of muscular strength and endurance. Also modifications can be easily made to fit the fitness and strength level of the class. This is a good exercise that you can use with pretty much any grade level, although lower levels will need more instructions and prompts.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

First Class Experience

The first class of 255 was a great experience. Everyone including myself had the chance to teach the other members of the class specific skills. I personally chose volleyball skills. I started out with an underhand serve and once they grasped the concepts I moved to a simple bump, and set. I concluded by making this a little more practical and challenging  by asking the students to use them in series. I thought that overall everyone else who taught did a great job, and I really value the feedback that Professor Yang and the lab assistants offered. I am looking forward to a great semester.

First Impressions

This is my first time doing a blog and I am excited to get started. I think that it is great that as future educators we get the change to tell the world what we are learning and what we plan to do. I like the ability to easily convey my ideas to other people including my fellow classmates. I also have a lot to share about things I did over break to better myself as a physical educator. I have read through various book that  entail the ideals behind effective coaching. I did this in order to prepare myself for a coaching class that I am taking this semester at SUNY Cortland. I also love to read new and emerging research on sports and athletes alike I find that the more you know the more effective teacher you can become.