Sunday, April 22, 2012

YMCA 5k Spring Run

Today I was able to go to the Cortland YMCA and help out with a 5k. This was a great opportunity because, like the St. Mary's 5k I got to see the levels of structure and organization that go into an event like this. It is important that we note, as future and present educators we need to be providing our students with opportunities to be physically active outside of class. I think that creating events such as a 5k or even a fun run type of event is very helpful in this regard. I also see the value for 5k's for adults as well. As physical educators we need to be pushing for lifelong fitness goals. 5k's are very motivational for some adults and truly shows how active they are staying. I think that while teaching ever educator should take the time to create his or her own event, as well as helping out at many events that are already in place. I will attach a picture of the advertisement as well as some pictures from the actual race later on. Thanks for looking!

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