Tuesday, March 20, 2012

National AAHPERD conference.

Unfortunately due to power outage in Boston, MA, many of the scheduled events were cancelled. This did not deter me and some of my fellow dedicated physical educations majors from getting the most out of the conference. Although I was unable to attend any sessions I was able to attend a few socials. This provided me with a great opportunity to network with many other physical educators. I met a group of teachers who taught down in South Carolina near the Myrtle Beach area. They shared with me how it was at little different in that the weather stays warmer a little bit longer and they are able to have their students outsides on fields and grass for a longer period of time. I also asked them what types of games they love to do with their students that are no traditional. I found out that in many of their classes they play a game of ground polo. This is done without the use of horses but the concepts and tactics are similar. They also told me that they have started to do a Bocce ball unit with their students. I think that as physical educators we need to think outside the box. We need to be thinking of ways that we can move away from the traditional sports and incorporate new movement skills. I also met with a teacher who was from Florida. I talked with her about challenges that she has been presented with. She made mention to the fact that many cuts have been made to the physical education program and that it has really been a struggle to provide students with equipment. I told her about some of the great activities I learned in 255 with the frisbee and jumprope. She loved the ideas and ensured me that students would be trying them in her class. Overall an eye-opening experience. I learned that it is important to be flexible and be able to adapt to changes. This is something that I will take with me into my career.

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