Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Ever wondered what we can do as physical educators to mix up what we are doing with our students? How to effectively overcome budget cuts? Provide our students with fun activities that promote movement and many skills concepts? Well I propose to you FRISBEE. The possibilities are endless with frisbees. Today in 255 we played a game of ultimate frisbee, modified with on throws over half court for safety. This was great as everyone was moving around and being active. It also focused on hand eye coordination, and strategy. It is important that students play new games, and have fun while doing them. Keep in mind frisbee can also be used as a good warm up. You can have your students jog around in a circular fashion and pass the frisbee between them and their partner. You can have students stand back to back handing the frisbee off to the side, under their legs, and over their head. Often times as physical educators we overlook these simple ideas. We need to become aware of all the different ways we can teach our students new skills. Lab D is coming up and the preparation is going to begin. I will be teaching Hantis and hope to progress the students even further. Everyone Keep up the good work! Lets go Cortland PE.

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