Thursday, March 8, 2012

Physical Education: constant learning

Over the break I have been able to spend my time working with an indoor youth soccer team. Over the summer I coach a soccer team for middle school aged students, and really enjoy it. I think that being able to work with this indoor team has improved my abilities to adjust and formulate as a coach, since the perimeters and age is different. I am currently enrolled in PED 414 at SUNY Cortland which is a soccer coaching clinic. I have applied many concepts learned in this course towards how I coach these children. I have most certainly noticed rapid changes in the way that I work with the kids and how I run practices and manage games. I think that as a Physical Education major, I constantly learn and progress towards the type of teacher, and coach that I want to be. I am also looking forward to the National AAHPERD conference when I return to school. I have previously only attended a NYS conference and can't wait to see Physical Education on a wider scale. I think that these conferences really provide future and current physical educators with the opportunity to see great examples of teaching and be exposed to new products and games. Last year I learned a newly emerging game called Rigoball. It incorporates some aspects of baseball but tweaks it so that everyone is far more involved and that students are no longer standing around. I will be sure to post a video so that everyone can see how much fun it really can be!

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