Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lab C Shinty: A new experience

I was exposed to a new game called Shinty. Shinty is an international game that is often played in Scotland and across England. The game is similar in concept aside from a few differences. In shinty the player can play the ball in the air and they also may play the ball with both sides of the stick. Also in shinty the stick may be used to block as well as tackle. The teacher candidates who taught last class did a great job of teaching through the physical. I really liked the flag of england that was used as part of the warm up. I thought that the teachers not only did a great job of providing the students with education through the physical, they did it in a manner that was not limiting to the game and did not slow down the teaching. I also though that as a group they did a great job with their cues and visual aids. I think as teachers it is important to display to our students what we want from them as well as good examples of correct play. I think that although movies are not in order small video clips may really help you to convey to your students what you are saying. I will be sure to post pictures of some good visual aids and small video clips that are good examples of what can be shown in class.

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