Saturday, March 24, 2012

Including Physical Education in Regents Scores

As a member of the physical education profession, I find that it is extremely important that physical education be valued just as strongly as all other subjects. It detracts from our devotion and professionalism if we teach a class that is thought not to count, above just passing the class. Many professionals feel that it is important to include these scores in a report card. You may ask, "what results would be shown?" Well as far as NYS learning standard 1A it would be that members of the senior class were competent in 6 skills and proficient in 3. This means as physical educators we need to teach more than just striking sports and throwing and catching. This may present a challenge, but it is a challenge we must undertake for the good of our students. As far as NYS learning standard 1B. Student will be able to create a life-long fitness plan and follow this by their senior year. This is important because often times physical education programs fail to focus on life after high-school. It is important to note that although during high school games such as football and baseball may be popular, after high school very few people continue to play these at a competitive level. We must move way from these and begin to teach more non-traditional sports such as tennis or golf. There are also many other sports that originate from various countries around the world, that we as physical educators must find the time to incorporate into our curriculum and take the opportunity to teach through the physical rather than just the physical. In my Effective teaching methods class (255) I have learned a lot about non-traditional games. I will be teaching Hantis again for Lab D and I will be sure to teach through the physical and make the best use of my time. I value my ability to make changes in the way that physical education is taught and will do my best ot become the best physical educator I can be.

Here is the link to the Shape of the Nation. The results really show the need for quality physical education:

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