Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St. Mary's Run for the Stars 5k and Fun Run

St. Mary's will be putting on 5k and fun run. I will be attending this event as it is a good opportunity for me to showcase my physical fitness and cardiovascular endurance. I think that as physical education majors we need to be involved with as many activities and events on and off campus. This event will provide me with interaction with many different students and teachers of St. Mary's school. This is an excellent opportunity for me to network with other teachers and possible other physical educators. I also think that in the physical education profession it is important that we learn the organizational skills necessary to set up events such as this 5k. Attending this race will provide me with the opportunity to meet with those people who did organize the event and learn how to do so effectively. I will post the link below for those of you who want more information. The race is free for runner and 5$ for non-runners. Registration is on the day of the race, March 31st.

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