Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lab C Omnikin Ball

Today my fellow teacher candidates taught the game of Omnikin. This is a great game that can be played at all ages if modifications are made. I think that often times teachers of younger students, those younger than 4th grade, overlook a good opportunity to teach basics of games and introduce new sports and games. I think that although it is obvious that students at a kindergarden level will not be able to handle a full out game of Kin ball they can work on some basic motor skills and some object control skills, with a larger object such as a Kin ball. I also was greatly surprised at the amount of activity that was achieved during the lessons of Kin ball. When playing Kin ball it uses a muscular component as well as as the cardiovascular component. I also liked the way that some of the teacher candidates incorporated some education through the physical, which is greatly important in our profession. I thought that there were many lessons and great facts that could have been incorporated about where the game developed and facts about international activities. It is important that we take advantage of any opportunities that are presented to us and make them into a teachable moment. I know from attending conferences that there are brief classes and sessions that will teach you effective methods using the Kin ball, as well as proper inflation and storage. I recommend that all of my fellow teachers look into using Kin balls and start creating lesson plans that can be used in all different grade levels. Please take a look at the videos below of both my fellow teacher candidates teaching and also a video of professionals playing the game.

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