Thursday, February 16, 2012

255 Advances

As I progress through EDU 255 I have learned a great deal. First and foremost I am learning the challenges of being a teacher. I think it is important though not only to understand these challenges but also to overcome them and have the greatest success possible teaching. As a future educator I think that it is important to be well educated and also also be looking for ways to be involved with professional development. In March I will be attending the National AAHPERD conference and I encourage all of you to do the same. I think this is one of the best opportunities for students to be able to see great teachers in action. Also the showcases and presentations give a wide variety of ideas that you may be unable to think of on your own. Physical Education is not about creating new ways of teaching it's about modifying it and making it the best it can be. By watching fellow teachers showcases their teaching skills we can being to acquire our own personal ways of teaching. Below I will attach a link of the conference and the organization as a whole. I encourage all of you to check it out and at minimum join the organization. Anyone wanting to attend the conference there is still time! I think that if you check out all of the various events and presentations you will be sure to find that there are a bunch that peak your interest. Keep up the good work SUNY Cortland PE Majors!

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