Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Raquette Lake experience

This summer I will be going to Raquette Lake as part of PED 308. This promises to be a great experience for my and my fellow colleagues. I hope to learn many skills and ideas that may help me in my future profession as a physical educator. Some of the skills that I think would really lead to me becoming a better teaching are those that are used in team building activities. I think communication is greatly important. When teaching not only do you need to be able to communicate with your students, you also need to be able to communicate with fellow teachers, administrators and the students parents. I think that our profession can be greatly misunderstood if not vocalized correctly. With these skills, physical educators as a whole can turn the profession into what we would like it to be. I also think that being able to rough it out in the wild will be a great experience. I think that learning to live a simpler life can be a truly eye opening experience. I will be sure to take the lessons that I learn and new skills I may acquire into my future teaching. Hope all my fellow teacher candidates will find this experience rewarding and take as much away from it as possible. Keep up the good work Cortland P.E

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