Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lab B: Learning by Example

Watching my fellow teacher candidates I have learned many great ways to teach. Not only have I been exposed to new skills that I learned by them giving cues and demonstrating I have learned effective ways to teach using these cues. I want to start off by congratulating those of you who have taught already. I think that everyone did a great job and I was amazed by how calm, cool and collected some of you were. I think it's great that we can give and receive feedback form out peers who are going through the same steps as us, as well as Professor Yang and the TA's. It really helps us to see where we are strong and where we may need to put in some work. I also wanted to make mention to the great posters that everyone has been making. Often times visual aides are put by the wayside and forgotten. As teachers we must remember the value that these can have to our students. The cues on posters can reinforce students activity and can help them when we may not notice they need help. Also great job with classroom rules. It is important as teachers that we include rules that we expect our students to follow. It is crucial that the rules are specific and that we use economy so as not to bombard our students with too many rules. I think a mnemonic device as one of the TC's used in the lab is a great way for students to be able to easily learn and remember the rules. I am attaching a few photos that I think so how hard some of our TC's are working to become professionals. Also make sure to look that the great job that was done on the posters with the cues and classroom rules.

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