Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Teaching Lab B

Teaching Lab B was a great experience. Before I had posted about my fellow teacher candidates teaching and their strengths and shortcomings, now I will tell you about my own. Below I will attach the link to the video of my teaching the lab so that you can see first hand what I am referencing. First and foremost I wish that I had done instant activity. I think that it is very important to get the kids moving right away. This time can be used to pre-test the students abilities so that you know where they may stand and how small of progressions that you may need to take in your lesson. Also I think that it would have been more beneficial if I had demonstarted the skills from a few different angles and also had some students of both genders come up and demonstarte their competency. I think that my hook was good since it was getting close to Valentine's day. I think it is very important to give a hook that interests the students and that they can relate to. It is also great if you can reuse the hook in conclusion as to create a whole feeling, and to peak their interest for next class. I did put of the fact that students would be preforming another hard jumprope skill the next class and that it would be good for them to practice at home. I think teachers should always encourage students to be practicing at home so that they can achieve a higher level of competency. Also I think that many of my fellow students did a great job of creating a challenge for the students. Although I had them compete against themselves often times it is better to get them to compete against each other within a certain time. I will be sure to include this in my lessons from now on. Great learning experience!

Time Transcript
Verbal Transcript

Link to me Teaching:

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