Sunday, February 19, 2012

Preparing for Lab C

Teaching is a very complex skill. For lab C I am going to be teaching a game that I myself have never played (Hantis). I think that Hantis is a great game and will teach the students a great deal of skills. I have resolved to break my game down into many progressions that will help the students, most of which have never played the game before either. I think that as a teacher it is important to understand that through the use of progressions we can help our students to work up to an eventual skill that we want them to acquire. I think for the grade I am teaching (fourth) it may never progress to the actual game with the official rules. I think that it is important not to try and play a game with the students that is too far above their developmental level.

Hantis is a great game that works on hand eye coordination as well as  body eye coordination, as you can use any part of your body for your two hits to return the ball. It also involves teamwork as the person that is on the table next to is working with you to get one of the opposing two out. Along with this it is very fast paced therefore allowing people a lot of participation time with not a lot of time being inactive. I think that a lot of games using the same concepts can be used and developed based on the principles of this game. I will also be showing a video of the creators of Hantis as I think that this will give the students a good sense of what the rules are and how to apply the skills to an actual game. I think that everyone will enjoy this game and will find a way to use the skills from the game in teaching their own lessons and games.

Below is the link to the Hantis Instructions:

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