Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lab B

First and foremost I want to congratulate my fellow teacher candidates who taught their lesson already. I really thought that everyone did a great job including many new teaching strategies that perhaps they lacked in Lab A. Jump roping can be such a great way for students to get active and enjoy themselves while working on cardiovascular fitness. I think that often times teachers do not use jump rope enough even if it is for only a few minutes to get the blood pumping and the students ready to be active. Teaching the front cross really gave me the experience of showing others how to preform a skill that they have not been able to previously preform. I think that as teachers we need to expand our repertoire and be able to incorporate many games and skills into the classroom to keep the students active and interested. One of our biggest goals is to keep students interested in what we are doing so as to get maximum participation. I also like the idea that with jump ropes you can work at an individual level on your skills in the classroom and at home. For many of the skills all the students need is a jump rope and a small space. This means students can practice at home and in their free time. I also think that it can be greatly beneficial to include motivational music, as Yang did in almost all of his classes. Often we become better movers without even knowing it, at the sound of music. Overall great success!

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