Monday, February 6, 2012

Soccer Coaching Clinic

In my coaching clinic we are learning how to develop our personal statements and eventually our coaching philosophies. Although with experience our philosophies may change greatly, it is important to formulate our ideas into a philosophy. Formulating a purpose statement and a rough draft of my coaching philosophy has really opened my eyes. I have realized many things about myself as a coach that I had previously overlooked. I think that as I progress towards becoming a teacher it is important for me to expand my knowledge and experience as wide as possible. I think through being exposed not only to others great teaching and coaching but also seeing where they may have fallen short, will in turn help me to become the proficient educator I am striving to be. I think as teachers we need to convey more of our own feelings about teaching and education to our students, parents and fellow educators. This will help inform them of the impact that we are having and also will open ourselves up to feedback and constructive criticism. I hope that all my fellow educators and peers can take as much from their coaching clinics as I am taking away from mine. Applications from coaching can be used in not only teaching but many aspects of everyday life. I hope that my teaching can generalize across many fields also. In conclusion, it is important to get the most out of what is available to you, take your time, do all you can and make sure it's worth doing. Keep up the great work current and future physical educators of the world!

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