Sunday, February 5, 2012

Second Time Teaching

Today in class it was our second chance at teaching. This time everyone had a better lesson planned including things such as hooks,good demonstrations,and cues that would help their fellow students to learn more effectively. I took away a few main points from the feedback that was offered to my fellow students and myself. First and foremost always be loud. In a physical education setting you can't be too loud so don't be afraid. It is greatly important that all students hear the instructions. Another things that many of my fellow classmates did incorrectly was that they themselves jumped into the games or skills practice. Although it is important to demonstrate the skills properly and explain them throughly, by the educator becoming involved in the game, it limits the amount of observation time and time to give feedback. It is important that we step away from the activity and observe, help and guide our students. I also think that through watching other teacher canadates' successes and failures we will learn effective teaching styles,ideas, and methods. It it far better to learn form others mistakes rather than our own. I am going to continue working on where I fall short and to reinforce those things that I do well already. This will lead to me becoming a far more effective teacher and giving the kids the education they deserve.

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