Thursday, April 19, 2012

Exergaming: A Revolutionary Way to be Active

On Wednesday two of my fellow teacher candidates taught using the new exergame technology. I thought that this was by far one of the most interesting lessons due to the nature of the products. I think that using this new technology is revolutionary in that it encourages activity through games that kids already enjoy playing. Also I thought that both teachers did a great job of incorporating aspects that taught through the physical. Emily began her lesson with an instant activity that was very informative in relation to diabetes. I learned about about ketones in the blood and how they can be prevented and monitored. I also thought that it was a good way to start as it stimulated my brain before we began gaming. Emily did a great job of providing everyone with activity to do during the lesson. I liked how she was able to include the principle of insulin shock into her lesson and have group members aid their teammate. This not only encouraged cognitive learning but also helped students to work on the affective aspects, working as a team. 
Lesley did a great job also incorporating facts about heart disease and cardiovascular health. I thought that  the straws were a good representation of how the arteries could become clogged and how hard the heart would have to work to produce the same result. I think that Lesley did a great job setting up stations of which students could rotate though. This always ensures that all students are moving and that they are active. It is important as a teacher to make sure that the lesson that we teach allow for all students to take part. 
I also got a chance to meet the creator of some of the exergaming equipment. I thought that this was a neat experience as I could work with him in the future to provide my class with the equipment or even come in and demonstrate how to use it properly. I think it is important to make connections and reach outwards in order to gain new ideas and become a more well rounded teacher.
I will attach pictures of the exergaming and the two teacher who taught it.

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