Saturday, April 21, 2012

Standard 2

Element 2.2: Teacher candidates will achieve and maintain a health enhancing level of fitness throughout the performance. 
Standard two is a very important standard that physical education majors overlook. As a P.E major it is important that we are leading the life that we are preaching to our students. Often times students will judge us on our athletic ability and our fitness before they look at our teaching ability. This is why is it so important that we are maintaining this level of health enhancing fitness throughout the program. My 255 professor, Mr. Yang shared with me a great way to keep track of my cardiovascular activity. The site is called This site allows you to upload not only your length of run but also; the time of day, the amount of calories burnt, the type of exercise (if different from running), and also the date on which you completed the run. The site then generates a report that tells you the average pace you ran and presents it to you. I think that often times students are motivated by sites such as these and we should not only use them to track ourselves but also use the sites to help promote physical activity within our students. Another neat aspect of the site is that you can link up with classmates that you may have exercised with and make a note of that. Often times students are encouraged by other students activity as well as their own personal goals. Along with my consistent running and cardiovascular activities such as; swimming, biking and skiing, I also participate in a resistance training program. I try to keep my body in the best shape possible and achieve this health enhancing level of fitness. Below I will provide you with both the link to my RunKeeper as well as my personal workout program. This will help give you and idea of how you can create a fitness plan that works for you. Thanks for checking out my blog!

RunKeeper Website:

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