Saturday, April 21, 2012


Festivus is an event put on every year by SUNY Cortland SGA. It is a great event in that it brings a ton of local school kids into the college to participate in various events that the clubs put on. This semester I was granted with the privilege of working with three different clubs. I was there as the Vice President of APEM (our physical education majors club), President of RHA west campus, and member of inclusive special education club. I thought that it was great to work with the kids. At one station the inclusive special educations club put on a necklace creating booth. It was interesting to both work with and observe the kids and their fine motor skills as they strung the beads onto the string. There were many children of different ages and developmental levels. I also got to see students preforming some basic motor skills in or around the "bouncy-bounce". Children were running, jumping and hopping around the bounce house and demonstrating a variety of motor skills. It was interesting to note, as I have learned that age is not always directly linked the developmental level. By this I mean that many students who were younger may have been more developed that those students who were slightly older than them. I wish that I could have spent more time observing and talked to the students as well as the parents, but there is only so much time in the day. I think that as physical education majors and teachers alike it is important to be involved in events such as this outside of the classroom. Students are not getting all of the activity that they need and by encouraging events like this we can be sure that they are moving towards a more active life. I will attach some of the pictures form the event so you can see some of the booths that were set up. Enjoy!

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