Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some Fun in the Pool!

On Monday tow of my colleagues taught their lab D in the pool. One of the Teacher Candidates taught water aerobics. This was a great topic in my opinion because even those students who may not be proficient at swimming, still were able to be successful. Water aerobics is also a great way to get exercise with minimal joint strain. It is important for rehabilitating injuries as well as training. I think that as Mr. Howard mentioned, many people feel that water aerobics is just for the elderly, but if used effectively it can be a great training technique. It is important that we spread the word about great methods. During Mr. Howard's lesson there were a few students who were off task. He did a great job of getting the students attention and bringing them back into the lesson. I think as teachers it may be hard to constantly be aware of where all of our students are, but in situations especially those similar to the pool, it is utmost importance that we do know. I want to commend Mr. Howard on a lesson well done.

Mr. Morelli also had a lesson in the pool. I think the one part of his lesson that really stood out was the use of technology. He used a timer with wristbands in a relay for the instant activity. I had never seen one of these and thought that it was truly a neat idea. It's small things like this that really make a lesson come together nicely and sets good teachers apart form those teachers who are just average. I also think that he did a good job providing students with feedback. It is important that feedback given is both positive and congruent, and Mr. Morelli did just that. I think that Lab D overall has been a great success so far. It is truly amazing to see how far the Teacher Candidates have come since the beginning of the year.Everyone keep up the good work and show everyone how physical education can be revolutionized!

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