Saturday, April 21, 2012

Savenger Hunt: Facts about Smoking

In class on Friday my fellow TC taught a lesson using a scavenger hunt. I want to commend her first and foremost on trying something different and thinking outside of the box. I thought that the way that she used technology (Iphone app) was interesting and it captivated my attention just as it would grab students' attention in high school. I think also that they way she used the entire lesson to teach students about the dangers or smoking and the wide variety of chemicals that were in the cigarettes was well thought out. I liked how she used the name tags with different chemical names instead of just listing them of. It made students think about it and truly showed how even a small portion of the chemicals could be a large amount. I thought that the lesson could be a little bit refined by instructing the students more effectively and proving them with more cues. I also think that with more time alloted more could have been accomplished.
Safety is very important when teaching. Although Kim used the safety statement "avoid all parking lots", students often deviate form instruction. When teaching you must be explicit and also be able to monitor the kids to make sure that they are following the given instructions. I think with these refinements the lesson could have been very well done and effective. I will post some pictures of our scavenger adventure outside.

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