Sunday, April 15, 2012

Table Tennis Teaching Lab D

On Wednesday two of my colleagues taught table tennis as their final teaching lab. This was a great teaching experience not only for Eric and Justin but also for all the students involved. In this lab they were presented with behavioral problems that they needed to address. Often times it is difficult for new teachers as well as seasoned teachers to address and resolve behavior problem correctly. In Eric's teaching segment a student was angered by the fact that her boyfriend cheated on her and took it out on the girl who supposedly her boyfriend cheated with. Eric addressed the issue by placing her in a corner. Although this may be a good way to get her to cool down, I feel that less aversive methods could have been used first. For example Eric could have simply gotten closer to the two girls who were fighting and they would have stopped. Also they may have stopped if just separated from each other. Often times as teachers it is important to act quickly and rapidly. If the issue is revolved through a prompt change in environmental factors, it may limit the future problems.
In the second teaching session two female students, openly flirted with the teacher (Justin). Justin did a great job responding to the issue. He promptly asked the two girls to please stand on the other side of the table so that they could see the demonstrations. This is a good way to not draw attention to the issue but to resolve it nonetheless. I also think that he could of had the students demonstrate a skill themselves that way they would be occupied and not flirting with the teacher.
I have been reflecting on the behavioral issues that arose, and have developed a behavior intervention plan of my own. I created a hierarchy of  intervention methods. This is in order form least aversive to very undesirable. This will better help me to understand how I will deal with issues at hand. I have been preparing for my own teaching session. I have thought about many different issues that could arise and how I would deal with them. As a teacher this will help to be prepared and will better enable me to be able to control the situation. Below I will attach a copy of my hierarchy.

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