Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lab D Kickin' it off with Yoga

 My colleague Trisha taught today and the lesson was amazing. She taught yoga to the class and incorporated many different types of technology. I think that it was amazing how much of a difference it can make when students are intrigued by the technology and it is used to supplement the lesson. Trisha did a great job of video recording herself prior to the lesson instructing the yoga poses. This then allowed her to spend her time given positive congruent feedback to the students. It also enabled her to keep an eye on the entire class. Had she only demonstrated the skills during the class, students may have been off task and she would have been unable to attend to them without interrupting the class. Trisha also did a great job of classroom management. Two students were off task as the lesson progressed so Trisha used a few step approach in resolving the issue. First she used proximity in hopes that the closeness to the students would end the behavior. She then addressed them somewhat privately and asked them if they needed any help with the yoga poses. When both of these did not work she then separated the two students who were off task and then the behavior ceased. It is important as teachers that we are prepared for such events. When teaching in a real school, there will be various behavioral problems that we must address and be ready to handle. It is simply unacceptable to displace the problems on to someone else (ie. an administrator). Also I think that as teachers we need to be sure to stop behavioral problems before they arise. This can be done by manipulating the environment in which the learners are in. If there is a positive environment and students are activity engaged in activity then there is less of a chance that they will become off task. I will post below some of the pictures and a video that demonstrates how Trisha did such a great job of controlling the class and teaching the lesson at hand.

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