Tuesday, April 3, 2012

St. Mary's Fun Run and 5k

On Saturday I was privileged with the opportunity to help facilitate the St. Mary's annual 5k and fun run. I  must start out by saying I was impressed with the turn out. I also have come to appreciate the amount of time and organization that it takes to coordinate an event like that. I really think that volunteering gave me good insight as to what is required to set up a large scale event. This is important because even though I will be teaching my students and promoting physical activity, the limited amount of time I see them is far from the amount of time that needs to be spent being physically active. Events like this one provide both children and adults with opportunity to be physically active and use resources within their community. It is important as teachers that we are both aware of such events and actively involved. Also there is a strong need for people who can organize such events and having the proper knowledge has put me one step ahead in facilitating such an event. I also thought that the people who put the event together did a good job thinking out all parts of the race. They had flaggers and also water attendees so that the race route was properly marked and so the runners could stay hydrated. I would love to coordinate an event such as this for all my students or for anyone in the community who could attend. I have been working closely with the Rec. league in Ballston Spa Ny, in creating a bunch of parents/kids soccer games on the local fields. The kids and parents both throughly enjoy the competition and it really gets everyone active. I think that physical educators everywhere need to be doing the same thing so as to encourage more students to be active. Keep up the good work everyone!

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